House System

Our House System

The House system at Walt Disney Magnet STEAM School is where students come together with their peers to build relationships, reinforce positive behaviors, and develop strong interpersonal skills. It is part of our Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) program, which focuses on social and emotional learning (SEL) and systems that support positive student behaviors and outcomes. The Houses also provide a framework to support our focus on equity, inclusion, and diversity.

The House system amplifies the “Three Bs” of our school culture:

  • BE Respectful
  • BE Empathetic
  • BE Responsible

Our Houses

Students are sorted into a House based on grade level. Within each House, students work together to earn House Points through positive behaviors, teamwork, and participation in special projects.

Obama House: Yes, we can! Si, Se Puede!

Oprah House: No struggle, no strength.

Ochoa House: Reach for the Stars! 

Oprah House 2nd - 3rd Grade  Obama House Pre-K - 1st Grade  Ochoa House 4th - 5th Grade